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World General Knowledge and Indian General Knowldege Questions

General General Knowledge of India

In this section all the question Which are generally asked in competition exams are included for those students you are seeking or preparing competition exams. GK always have been an important paper in any competition exam in India and having in depth knowledge of GK is very important. So We try to include only those question which are commonly asked in such exams.

General Knowledge Question in Hindi

Place where you can find GK questions in Hindi and English although we have tried to include good hindi, But as you know that google or bing are still in Beta to be able to translate English into Hindi that correctly. But this section can be helpful for those students who are seeking some information in Hindi.

Knowledge Indian History Complete Indian History Reference

Just as the name itself is suggesting, In this section of website you will find all in depth information on Indian History from ancient Indian History to Modern History. Here You can find all information about various civilization of Indian History their features, Methods of trades, Main rivers, how they grow up. All the information about Indian History is written in very easy to understand language that can be understood by any one. Soon we will also include Hindi version. This section will starts with Ancient India:-
Harappan and Indus Civilization Then vedic Culture various Religious movements of Indian History, Maurya period. and so on...

General Knowledge Question On Biology

It is well known that question in GK can be asked in any topic. In this part of website you will find all the most important question generally asked on Biology.

General Knowledge India Politics In Hindi/English

In this section of the website we will try to include all question of Indian political History of India. Like British rule Impact of british rules on India, Social reforms in India, and other objective type question which are generally asked in all competition exams.

World History General Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge Test

GK Questions

General Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge Quiz

World General Knowledge Questions Answers

In this part of the website you can find thousands of question that can help you in preparing your competition Indian exams. All the GK Questions related to world like List of important dates,list of important rivers,Mountains,seas,books, list of international presidents according to country and so on. means all GK question at one place..

General study

Source for Competitive exam

World Today

Indian Competitive Exam

Find updated list of competition exams which took place in India, their dates, Topics on which Question are being asked and other information about various exams. This section will help students to know about many competition exams and how to prepare themselves so that they can beat these exams easily.

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