Tuesday, November 29, 2011

general knowledge questions in kannada

  1. … actor, Vishnuvardhan died of cardiac arrest. Frenzied fans, who could not pay tribute to the icon due to surging crowd, went berserk and threw stones which did not spare even the wife of the deceased.
    a. Tamil
    b. Kannada
    c. Telugu
    d. Malyalam

  2. Name the head of All Jharkhand Students Union (AJSU) who was sworn in as a minister in Jharkhand Assembly alongside Shibu Soren as the chief minister.
    a. Sudesh Mahato
    b. Raghubar Das
    c. Aditya Swaroop
    d. Yashwant Sinha

  3. N Ram, editor-in-chief of newspaper ‘The Hindu’, has been conferred the second Lokmanya Tilak National Journalist Award by the Kesari Mahratta Trust. Who was the recipient of the first award in 2009?
    a. Barkha Dutt, NDTV
    b. Rajdeep Sardesai, CNN-IBN
    c. Govind Singh, ‘Amar Ujala’
    d. Vir Sanghvi, ‘Hindustan Times’

  4. Name the barrister of Indian-origin, who has been appointed as the Recorder by Queen Elizabeth in the United Kingdom.
    a. Kalyani Kaul
    b. Arpita MAjumdar
    c. CV Ramanna Rao
    d. Austin Joseph

  5. Which country does the al Qaeda suspect, charged with trying to blow up a United States airliner, belong to?
    a. Egypt
    b. Iraq
    c. Nigeria
    d. Ghana

  6. Why has a constitutional amendment bill been tabled in the legislature Parliament in Nepal?
    a. To extend term of the present government
    b. To make Nepal a Hindu state
    c. To define boundaries of Nepal’s constituencies
    d. To allow people of authority to take oath in their mother tongue

  7. Recently Japan showed its keenness for India to ratify a treaty. Which treaty is it?
    a. Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty
    b. Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
    c. Cebu Declaration on East Asian Energy Security
    d. None of the above

  8. The Union tourism ministry has launched an initiative on ‘safe and honourable tourism’ which would essentially promote the cause of protecting ….
    a. Women
    b. Children
    c. Women and children
    d. Beggers

  9. According to a survey by, an accommodation website, which is the most favourite building of the world among the international travelers?
    a. Taj Mahal
    b. Statue of Liberty
    c. Empire State Building
    d. Eiffel Tower

  10. An Indian Airline’s plane from Kathmandu, bound to Delhi, was hijacked in December 1999 by terrorists demanding release of their friends. Where did the terrorists take the plane?
    a. Back to Kathmandu, Nepal
    b. Delhi, India
    c. Kandhar, Afghanistan
    d. Peshawar, Pakistan

  11. The ODI between India and Sri Lanka at Firoz Shah Kotla, Delhi was cancelled due to bad condition of the pitch. Where was a match between the same countries cancelled due to same reason in 1997?
    a. Kanpur
    b. Indore
    c. Hyderabad
    d. Chennai

  12. The by-election to the Pennagaram Assembly constituency in Tamil Nadu was postponed as some political parties said that the current schedule was close to Pongal festival. Who is the chief electoral officer of Tamil Nadu?
    a. Naresh Gupta
    b. Shekhar Channe
    c. Pooja Kulkarni
    d. Ajit Srivastava

  13. According to the US magazine, ‘Entertainment Weekly’, who/what is “the greatest entertainer of the decade”?
    a. Harry Potter
    b. YouTube
    c. Facebook
    d. Friends, serial on Star World

  14. Which country’s top legislature has adopted an amendment to the renewable energy law mandating electricity grid companies to buy all the power produced by renewable energy generators?
    a. United Kingdom
    b. Germany
    c. China
    d. Japan

  15. With which country will the DRDO tie-up to develop the Kaveri aero engine?
    a. Switzerland
    b. France
    c. United States
    d. Australia

  16. The Danish police had to fire at a person who had attacked the cartoonist who had made the controversial cartoon of Prophet Mohammad. Name him. What was the attacker’s nationality?
    a. Somalia
    b. Iraq
    c. Lebanon
    d. Libya

  17. ‘Three Idiots’, the recent movie directed by Rajkumar Hirani, is at the center of controversy due to credit placement to the author Chetan Bhagat, from whose book ‘Five Point Someone’ the movie is inspired. Which other film is based on one of Chetan Bhagat’s works?
    a. ‘Love Aaj Kal’
    b. ‘Aloo Chat’
    c. ‘Hello’
    d. ‘Chai, Paani etc’

  18. The environment and forest ministry has cleared this 56,400 crore project and has allowed it to acquire 2,900 acres of forestland to this project. Name it.
    a. Vedanta
    b. Posco
    c. Tata Nano
    d. Arcelor Mittal

  19. The BJP has stated that in the year 2010 it will keep a watch on the Congress on … issues.
    a. 5
    b. 7
    c. 9
    d. 10

  20. MK Alagiri had requested to be allowed to speaking in Tamil in the Parliament, as he is neither comfortable with Hindi, nor with English. Which ministry does he head?
    a. Mines
    b. Shipping
    c. Chemicals and fertilisers
    d. Overseas Indian affairs

  21. Who is the author of newly-released ‘A Tale of Two Revolts: India 1857 & the American Civil War’?
    a. Ramachandra Guha
    b. Rajmohan Gandhi
    c. William Dalrymple
    d. Sumit Sarkar

  22. Who is the author of ‘We Must Have No Price’, which scrutinizes several scams and takes up issue of internal security?
    a. Mani Shankar Aiyer
    b. Arun Jaitley
    c. Sitaram Yechury
    d. Arun Shourie

  23. A court in this country has set aside government’s ban on Christians using the name of Allah, saying that Christians have the Constitutional right to the word. Which country are we talking about?
    a. Indonesia
    b. Malaysia
    c. Pakistan
    d. Oman

  24. Reena Kaushal Dharmshaktu has scored a first. What is it?
    a. She has become the first person to ski to the South Pole
    b. She has become the first Indian to ski to the South Pole
    c. She has become the first Indian woman to ski to the South Pole
    d. She has become the first Indian woman to skydive onto the South Pole

  25. Salman Rushdie’s visit to this site has angered the Muslim clerics, 21 years after the Fatwa against him over Satanic Verses. Name the monument he visited in a hush-hush manner.
    a. Jama Masjid, Delhi
    b. Taj Mahal, Agra
    c. Ajmer Sharif
    d. Haji Ali, Mumbai

  26. Billy Arjan Singh, who passed away on January1 this year, was the man behind ….
    a. Kanha National Park
    b. Dudhwa National Park
    c. Kaziranga National Park
    d. Sariska Bird Sanctuary

  27. This state has enacted a legislation, which makes voting in local body polls mandatory. We are talking about ….
    a. Gujarat
    b. Maharashtra
    c. Tamil Nadu
    d. Karnataka

  28. The Harvard Business Review has named this Indian among the world’s five best performing CEOs. Whom are we talking about?
    a. Sunil Bharti Mittal
    b. Shiv Nadar
    c. Anil Ambani
    d. Mukesh Ambani

  29. The Indian team won 16 out of 21 gold medals in the Commonwealth Wrestling Championships. In which city was the Championship held?
    a. Jalandhar
    b. Ludhiana
    c. Amritsar
    d. Karnal

  30. Who is the author of ‘The Rediscovery of India’?
    a. Rahul Gandhi
    b. Priyanka Gandhi
    c. Gurcharan Das
    d. Meghnad Desai
1. b. Kannada
2. a. Sudesh Mahato
3. d. Vir Sanghvi, ‘Hindustan Times’
4. a. Kalyani Kaul
5. c. Nigeria
6. d. To allow people of authority to take oath in their mother tongue
7. b. Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
8. c. Women and children
9. d. Eiffel Tower
10. c. Kandhar, Afghanistan
11. b. Indore
12. a. Naresh Gupta
13. a. Harry Potter
14. c. China
15. b. France
16. a. Somalia
17. c. ‘Hello’
18. b. Posco
19. d. 10
20. c. Chemicals and fertilisers
21. b. Rajmohan Gandhi
22. d. Arun Shourie
23. b. Malaysia
24. c. She has become the first Indian woman to ski to the South Pole
25. b. Taj Mahal, Agra
26. b. Dudhwa National Park
27. a. Gujarat
28. d. Mukesh Ambani
29. a. Jalandhar
30. d. Meghnad Desai

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