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This book is for the convenience of members of for referring Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers off-line. Book contains Multiple Choice, Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers from General Intelligence section of This is Volume - 1 in this section. Total number of questions included here are 50 Nos. All the questions are of Analogy type. Analogy means 'correspondence' ie; it deals with some sort of similarity.
This book has been compiled keeping in mind the requirements of various competitive examinations in India [Bank, Railway, NDA, LIC, CDS, UPSC, Police Inspector's, Sale Tax Officer Tests, Entrance Tests (MBA, MCA, etc.) etc].
Near each question a value is given (A1, A2, A3 etc..), click on these when the mouse cursor changes from N to J , you will be guided to the Answer page containing solutions.
If you find any mistakes or errors in the contents, please inform us for correction. We are expecting your valuable suggestions about this book for improving our contents and future editions.

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Directions ( 1 - 4 ) : In each of the following questions , two words indicated by I and II have been left out . The correct word to come in place of I is given as one of the four alternatives against I and the correct word to come in place of II is given as one of the four alternatives against II . Read with the correct words , there is some relationship between the two words to the left of the sign ( : : ) and the same relationship obtains between the two words to the right of the sign ( : : ) . The correct combination is given as one of the four alternatives (a ) , (b ) , (c ) , and (d ) . Find the correct combination in each case .
1 I : Sword :: Thread : II
I. [A] Dagger [B] Knife [C] Warrior [D] Kill
II. [P] Needle [Q] Tailor [R] Rope [S] Stitch
(a) BR (b) DS (c) AP (d) CQ A1
2 I : Sheep :: Sanatorium : II
I. [A] Kennel [B] Fold [C] Bray [D] Farrow
II. [P] Horses [Q] Soldiers [R] Invalids [S] Fishes
(a) AS (b) DQ (c) BR (d) CP A2
3 I : Prison :: Curator : II
I. [A] Jailer [B] Culprit [C] Cell [D] Warder
II. [P] Cure [Q] Museum [R] Curiosity [S] Maturity
(a) AS (b) CP (c) AQ (d) BR A3
4 I : Ocean :: Stone : II
I. [A] Glacier [B] Lake [C] Continent [D] River
II. [P] Rock [Q] Pebble [R] Granite [S] Mountain
(a) AR (b) BP (c) CS (d) DQ A4
Directions ( 5 - 1 0 ) : The following questions consist of two words each that have a certain relationship to each other , followed by four lettered pairs of words . Select the lettered pair that has the same relationship as the original pair of words .
5 Yawn : Boredom
(a) Anger : Madness (b) Dream : Sleep
(c) Smile : Amusement (d) Impatience : Rebellion A5
6 Stare : Glance
(a) Gulp : Sip (b) Confide : Tell (c) Hunt : Stalk (d) Step : Walk A6
7 Embarrass : Humiliate
(a) Enquire : Ask (b) Embezzle: Peculate
(c) Gamble : Investment (d) Annoy : Exasperate A7

8 Explosion : Destruction
(a) Talk : Exaggeration (b) Woman :Girl
(c) Success : Failure (d) Engagement : Marriage A8
9 Sigh : Relief
(a) Tear : Joy (b) Trembling : Fear (c) Carelessness : Accident (d) Hot : Sweat A9
10 Range : Mountain
(a) Point : Line (b) Bouquet : Flower (c) School : Class (d) String :Bead A10
Directions (11- 1 5 ) : In each of the following questions , some words are given which are related in some way . The same relationship obtains among the words in one of the four alternatives given under it . Find the correct alternative .
11 Evaporation : Cloud : Rain
(a) Sneezing :Cough : Cold (b) Accident : Injury : Pain
(c) Tanning : leather : Purse (d) Bud: Flower : Fragrance A11
12 Lizard : Reptile : Insects
(a) Fox : Wolf : Forest (b) Fly : Insect : Bee
(c) Man : Omnivorous : Meat (d) Tiger : Mammal : Deer A12
13 Smile : Laugh : Cry
(a) Sit : Sleep : Play (b) frown : Anger : Temper
(c) Morning : Night : Day (d) Touch : Catch : Release A13
14 France : Spain : Germany
(a) Japan : China :Turkey (b) Sri Lanka : Japan : India
(c) Iraq : Kuwait : Iran (d) Canada: California : Mexico A14
15 Morning : Evening : Dusk
(a) Triangle : Quadrilateral : Pentagon (b) Happy : Gay : Excited
(c) Summer : Winter : Autumn (d) Botany : Zoology : Physiology A15
16 In the following question, choose that set of numbers from the four alternative sets,
that is similar to the given set?
Given set : (49, 25, 9)
(a) [36, 16, 4] (b) [36, 25, 16] (c) [39, 26, 13] (d) [64, 27, 8] A16
Directions (17- 2 0 ) : In each of the following questions , a group of three
i nterrelated words is given . Choose a word from the given alternatives ,
t hat belongs to the same group .
17 Sitar : Guiter : Tanpura
(a) Trumpet (b) Violin (c) Harmonium (d) Mridanga A17
18 Potato : Carrot : Raddish
(a) Tomato (b) Spinach (c) Sesame (d) Groundnut A18

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