Thursday, April 16, 2009

Election Basics: Dictionary of Governance

The Election Commission of India appoints one or more Assistant Electoral Registration Officers to assist the Electoral Registration Officer in the performance of his functions in the matter of preparation/revision of electoral rolls. topAFSOThe Assistant Food and Supplies officer is the head of the block and functions under the control of the District Food & Supplies Officer as well as the District Food & Supplies Controller. topAge proofYou are required to show proof of age the first time you register to vote. You have to produce any of the following documents

as proof:
Birth certificate
State board exam certificate
Driving license


Changes in the Constitution can be implemented through amendments. Article 368 of the Constitution provides that amendments to the Constitution can take place in three ways. They are:
By simple majority of the Parliament: Amendments in this category can be made by a simple majority of members present and voting, before sending them for the Presidents assent.
By special majority of the Parliament: Amendments can be made in this category by a two-third majority of the total number of members present and voting, which should not be less than half of the total membership of the house.
By special majority of the Parliament and ratification by at least half of the state legislatures by special majority. After this, it is sent to the President for his assent. Anything which you want to amend under Article 368 requires this kind of majority to be proved.


Articles in the constitution of India will be referred to specific provisions one by one. topAssembly ConstituencyA geographical area represented by a member of the Legislative Assembly. Each Parliamentary constituency is made up of an integral number of assembly constituencies. top

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