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Up Date World GK

Questionnaire: World GK
1. South Africa became a democratic republic onA. May 10, 1994B. May 10, 1993C. April 15, 1994D. April 15, 1993Answera
2. What is the official language of Argentina?A. ItalianB. SpanishC. PortugueseD. GermanAnswerb
3. Arrange the following pairs in correct order.
Language Country a. Flemish 1. Israel b. Amharic 2. Ethiopia c. Swahili 3. Belgium d. Hebrew 4. East Africa
A. a4, b3, c2, d1B. a3, b2, c4, d1C. a3, b2, c1, d4D. a2, b3, c1, d4Answerb
4. Arrange the following pairs in correct order.
Language Country a. French 1. Brazil b. Italian 2. Mexico c. Portuguese 3. Libya d. Spanish 4. Mauritania 5. Algeria
A. a5, b3, c1, d2B. a2, b5, c1, d3C. a3, b1, c5, d4D. a5, b3, c2, d4Answera
5. Which country is not in Europe?A. HollandB. BelgiumC. LebanonD. SwedenAnswerc
6. Judaism and Christianity were born in :A. PalestineB. RomeC. EgyptD. IranAnswera
7. The Zend Avesta is the Holy Book of the:A. HebrewsB. Roman CatholicsC. ZoroastriansD. QuakersAnswerc
8. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?A. Islam –BohrasB. Hinduism–Arya SamajistsC. Christianity–MormonsD. Zoroastrianism–BahrisAnswerd
9. Which of the following Muslim festivals is based on the ‘Holy Quran’ ?A. Id-ul-FitrB. Id-ul-ZuhaC. MoharumD. Bakr-idAnswerb
10. In which season is Christmas celebrated in Australia?A. AutumnB. WinterC. SpringD. SummerAnswerd
11. Capital of Guatemala is obtained by putting the word ‘city’after it. The capital of which of the following countries is obtained in such way:A. TaiwanB. MexicoC. LaosD. GhanaAnswerb
12. The capital of Vietnam is:A. Ho ChiMinh CityB. HanoiC. AnkaraD. KampalaAnswerb
13. Tirana is the capital of the country known as:A. YugoslaviaB. HungaryC. AfghanistanD. AlbaniaAnswerd
14. Which one of the following is not a capital city?A. SophiaB. Ho ChiMinh CityC. PanamaCityD. PragueAnswerb
15. Brasilia is the capital of which of the following countries?A. MexicoB. GuyanaC. CubaD. BrazilAnswerd
16. Bangkok is the capital of which of the following countries?A. MalaysiaB. IndonesiaC. TaiwanD. ThailandAnswerd
17. Thimpu is the capital of :A. NepalB. BhutanC. SikkimD. TibetAnswerb
18. Which of the following is the capital of Iran ?A. TeheranB. RiyadC. BaghdadD. JerusalemAnswera
19. Dirham is the currency of:A. MaltaB. IranC. MorocoD. LibyaAnswerc
20. Drop the last four letters of the name of the country itself and you get its currency. The country is:A. NetherlandsB. AfghanistanC. El SalvadorD. LuxembourgAnswerb
21. By dropping the final letter of the name of country we get name of its curency. That country is in Europe. The country is:A. KoreaB. FranceC. MongoliaD. IranAnswerb
22. Netherland’s currency is:A. PesoB. PesataC. RupiahD. GuilderAnswerd
23. Which of the following pairs of country and its currency is not correct?A. Bangladesh –TakaB. United Arab Emirates–DirhamC. Japan–YuanD. Saudi Arabia–RiyalAnswerc
24. The currency of the European Monetary Unionis:A. DolarB. EuroC. MarkD. SterlingAnswerb
25. ‘Scym’is the Parliament of:A. HollandB. PolandC. YugoslaviaD. GreeceAnswerb
26. Duma refers to:A. freedomB. an elected bodyC. religionD. soldiersAnswerb
27. Which one of the following countries was previously called Kampuchea?A. VietnamB. CambodiaC. MaldivesD. GambiaAnswerb
28. The new name of Burma is:A. YangoonB. MyanmarC. RangoonD. KampucheaAnswerb
29. What was the earlier name of Ghana ?A. The Ivory CoastB. The Gold CoastC. MalabarD. The LevantAnswerb
30. In which nation, its flag is never allowed to fly at half-mast ?A. Saudi ArabiaB. TurkeyC. MorocoD. LibyaAnswera
31. Zimbabwe was formerly known as:A. RhodesiaB. MaliC. NamibiaD. Ivory CoastAnswera
32. Paper was invented in China in the:A. Ist century BCB. 2ndcenturyADC. 4thcenturyADD. 5thcenturyADAnswerb
33. In which of the following countries did the decimal system of numbers originate?A. EnglandB. FranceC. GermanyD. IndiaAnswerd
34. Where was the selection of suitable candidates for a particular job first started through competitive examination?A. ChinaB. Great BritainC. USAD. GermanyAnswera
35. The institution of Ombudsman was first established in:A. NorwayB. SwedenC. FinlandD. DenmarkAnswerb
36. ‘Maple Leaf’ is the emblem of:A. CanadaB. GreeceC. CyprusD. GuineaAnswera
37. Which country is named as ‘The Cockpit of Europe’ ?A. HungaryB. AustriaC. SwitzerlandD. BelgiumAnswerd
38. Which country is known as the ‘Playground of Europe’ ?A. ItalyB. FranceC. SwitzerlandD. PolandAnswerc
39. Which is the country famous for pyramids?A. IsraelB. JordanC. IraqD. EgyptAnswera
40. Which country is nearest to the SouthPole?A. AustraliaB. NewZealandC. ChileD. SwedenAnswerc
41. Australia may be called a “hollow continent” because:A. most people live along the coastsB. it is shaped like a saucerC. there are no rivers in the interiorD. most of its central area is occupied by waterAnswera
43. ‘Land of White Elephant’ is the surname assigned to:A. JapanB. ThailandC. BhutanD. NepalAnswerb
43. Cuba is nicknamed as :A. Cockpit of EuropeB. Hermit KingdomC. Land of the Golden FleeceD. Sugar Bowl of the worldAnswerd
44. Arrange the following pairs in correct order.
List I List II a. Land of Rising Sun 1. Korea b. Land of Midnight Sun 2. Finland c. Land of Thousand Lakes 3. Japan d. Land of Thunderbolt 4. Norway 5. Bhutan
A. a2, b4, c1, d5B. a3, b4, c2, d5C. a1, b3, c2, d4D. a3, b1, c4, d2Answerb45. Famous Leaning Tower of Pisa is in:A. ItalyB. GreeceC. CyprusD. TurkeyAnswera46. The city of Los Angeles is famous for :A. film studiosB. golden beachesC. rocket launching stationD. natural beautyAnswera47. Given below are four wonders not usually included among the seven wonders of the world :1.The Great Wall of China2.TheTaj Mahal at Agra3.The Leaning Tower of Pisa4.The Angkor Vat Temple in Kampuchea
What is the correct chronological sequence in which they were constructed ?Choose the answer from the codes given below:A. 3,2,1,4B. 1,4,3,2C. 1,3,4,2D. 4,1,2,3Answerb48. Vatican City is the residence of:A. PopeB. British QueenC. French PresidentD. Cyprus PresidentAnswera
49. Kremlin in Moscow is:A. the seat of the governmentB. a temple representing ancient archaeological remainsC. the name of a university site in MoscowD. None of theseAnswera
50. No10, Downing Street, London is the official residence ofA. Chairman of the House of LordsB. Speaker of the House of CommonsC. Prime Minister of UKD. Foreign Minister of UKAnswerc
51. Kyat is the currency ofA. MaldivesB. MyanmarC. MongoliaD. NepalAnswerb52. Which of the following is not a Central American country?A. NicaraguaB. PanamaC. El-SalvadorD. PeruAnswerd53. Nicaragua is situated in :A. North AmericaB. South AmericaC. Central AmericaD. West AfricaAnswerc54. Which country is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun?A. SwedenB. NetherlandsC. NorwayD. JapanAnswerc55. The oldest monarchy in theworld is of:A. UKB. NepalC. Saudi ArabiaD. JapanAnswera
56. The largest island in the Indian Ocean is:A. SumatraB. MaldivesC. Sri LankaD. MadagascarAnswerd
57. Ecuador is situated in :A. North AmericaB. South AmericaC. AfricaD. South East AsiaAnswerb
58. Which of the following is known as the city of seven hills?A. OsloB. RomeC. GenevaD. IstambolAnswerb
59. Which country is situated in the horn of Africa?A. South AfricaB. EthiopiaC. SomaliaD. EgyptAnswerc
60. Which one of the following countries was involved in Bofors deal?A. SwitzerlandB. GermanyC. BritainD. FranceAnswera
61. International Rice Research Institute is in:A. MalaysiaB. ThailandC. IndonesiaD. PhilippinesAnswerd
62. Pentagon is :A. the largest port of RussiaB. the largest port of USAC. the biggest steel manufacturing centre in the worldD. a large building housing the Ministry of Defence of USAAnswerd
63. “Tashkent Agreement” was signed in:A. 1962B. 1966C. 1967D. 1972Answerb
64. Shimla Agreement was concluded in:A. 1962B. 1966C. 1967D. 1972Answerd
65. Which of the following combinations is/are correct ?1.Chalenger: explosion2.Kanishka :c rash3.Chernobyl : nuclear disaster
A. 1 and 3B. 2 and 3C. 1, 2 and 3D. 1 and 2Answerc
66. Which of the following set of countries is involved in Siachen Glacier dispute?A. India and ChinaB. India and PakistanC. India and RusiaD. Rusia and ChinaAnswerb
67. Developing countries are otherwise known as:A. Eastern Block CountriesB. Third World CountriesC. Agricultural CountriesD. Primary CountriesAnswerb
68. Iran-Iraq conflict was mainly over :A. Shat-el-Arab Waterway’s ownershipB. Kurdish rebelsC. ReligionD. None of the aboveAnswera
69. Hong Kong was transferred to China in the year:A. 1990B. 1992C. 1997D. 1996Answerc
70. India-UK extradition pact relates to:A. aid agreement between the two countriesB. defence purchaseC. curbing the terrorist activitiesD. None of theseAnswerc
71. Bahrain is becoming famous as theA. world’s leading sugar marketB. world’s major silver marketC. west Asia’s leading banking centre, being turned intoan inter-national bullion marketD. number one trading centre for AsiaAnswerc
72. Which of the following countries has only a two-party Government ?A. Great BritainB. FranceC. IndiaD. AustraliaAnswera
73. The policy of Non-Alignment followed by India implies :A. preserving the right to choose its own policiesB. keeping aloof from the power blocsC. bringing peace and amity to the worldD. a third world powerAnswerb
74. Which of these nations has the largest percentage of persons in the armed forces?A. IranB. IraqC. IsraelD. SyriaAnswerc
75. After the break-up of the USSR the largest country in the world in terms of area is:A. ChinaB. RussiaC. USAD. CanadaAnswerb
76. The American Constitution came into effect in:A. 1781B. 1861C. 1789D. 1865Answerc
77. Which is not a feature of the American constitution?A. FederationB. Written constitutionC. RepublicD. Cabinet systemAnswerd
78. United States of America elects her President after everyA. six yearsB. four yearsC. five yearsD. three yearsAnswerb
79. How the President of America is elected ?A. Direct electionB. Voting by State GovernorsC. By elected representatives of CongressD. Voting by Election Commission appointed by elected representativesAnswerd
80. If there is any disagreement between the Senate and House of Representatives in USA, it is resolved by:A. The PresidentB. The Vice-PresidentC. The SpeakerD. conference committee consisting of 3 to 9 members from each House

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