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Outsource Software Development of India

Are you into a spot of bother? Are cost related issues giving you sleepless nights? Do you think that the dissatisfaction among staff members is growing due to the ever-increasing workload? Are you convinced, that your frail shoulders are no more going to carry the unreasonable burden of work bestowed upon you? If yes, then join the rat race by procrastinating these feeble looking issues, else, outsource.Outsourcing certainly is a befitting reply to your problems.

Outsourcing is an old concept, but its increasing popularity among leading organizations is what is making it coveted. Companies, through out the world have willingly accepted outsourcing, and are allocating there in-house operations to several other organizations situated in all parts of the world.

Outsourcing in simple terms is, sharing or transfer of responsibility. It is all about hiring someone else, to acquire services. Companies either outsource a part of business process or, take help in the infrastructure management. It’s absolutely crucial that the two partners work in tandem with each other. This would inspire a huge reduction in costs, and quality solutions could be delivered.

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Why Outsource?

Cost Benefits
For companies who are still in there infancy, every penny spent, counts. They need to cut down on their costs. Outsourcing here would prove to be enormously beneficial. If you outsource to countries like India, where quality is available at a competent price, huge reduction in costs is a guarantee. Outsourcing, rather than carrying out operations in-house, certainly looks to be lucrative.Offshore outsourcing is proving to be extremly cost effective for organizations who are going for it.


Outsourcing facilitates you with a great deal of freedom. Maneuvering your work force as per the tasks in hand doesn’t sound quite possible. Outsourcing makes it achievable. One can actually get the workforce required for a particular project. In addition to it, your company cannot be proficient in all the areas. No need to feel handicapped. Outsource what you are not brilliant at.

The endless benefits of Outsourcing are evident, as the whole world is moving towards it. What are you waiting for?

Why Outsource to India?

‘Growth is only starting, but the country’s brainpower is already re- shaping corporate America.’
Businessweekonline by Manjeetkriplani and Pete Engardio with Steve Hamm in New York.

The above statement says it all. India is certainly a force to reckon when it comes to Outsourcing.

India is, and will remain a coveted offshore Country.Outsourcing to India is turning out to be a blessing for companies. India’ s edge in quality and cost benefit is what is drawing organizations towards her. According to a leading global business intelligence & consultancy firm, Giga, India shall remain on top, in comparison to competing nations such as China, Ireland, Israel, & Philippines in the outsourcing arena. The level of excellence India has attained in this field has not come overnight. Government policies, infrastructure, large number of people who can speak fluent English, who can adapt to western accents, have all played a pivotal role in India’s success.

India is an ultimate destination for organizations. Advantages of outsourcing to India are mentioned below.

  • System of education prevailing in India
    The age-old belief, that Indian education system is defective, and that it kills the creativity of a student, has proved to be awfully wrong. In fact it has produced students with all round talents. Command over quantitative concepts, along with a comfortable grip over communication skills, has paved the way for students to the top. We are best equipped to make the most out of the current international scenario.

  • India’s greatest asset- ‘The man power’
    India outmaneuvers the world when it comes to manpower, both in quantity as well as quality. Indians are known for there tenacity, adjustability, & immense talent. In several cases companies outsource to India in order to get specialized talent in specific areas.

  • Government Policies
    Government of India has taken several liberalization initiatives to support the growth of outsourcing sector. Government is trying to pull a lot of FDI (foreign direct investment) into the country. The motive is to make technology reach the grass roots.

Outsourcing Industry in India is in its maturing stage,and the future certainly looks bright.The experience of outsourcing to India has been,and will be memorable for organizations.

In the pages to follow we have attempted to briefly explain:

  • Services that can be outsourced to India in the IT Sector.
  • Why Outsource Software Development to India?
  • Legal issues relating to Offshore software outsourcing.
  • Few case studies relating to offshore software development.

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