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  1. How many players make up a team in Ice Hockey?
  2. Who won the Wimbledon Women's Singles title in 1994?
  3. For what is the Foss Williams Medal awarded in Australian Rules Football?
  4. How many times have Oxford and Cambridge deadheated in the famous University boatrace?
  5. What sporting facilities are the most common in Australiat?
  6. What was the heaviest-weighted horse to win the Melbourne Cup?
  7. What nationality is Juan Manuel Fangio, Of Formula One fame?
  8. And how many world titles did he win??
  9. What participation sport had the highest number of devotees in Australia in 1997?
  10. How many forwards are there in a Rugby Union team?
  11. What player holds the record for the lowest score in the US Masters Golf Championship?
  12. Which international Test team scored 952 runs in 1967-68 to gain the world record for the highest team total in Test cricket ?
  13. With what sport do you associate Shaquin O"Neal?
  14. In what year did the AFL/VFL introudce the salary cap?
  15. At which Olympics did Nadia Comaneci win the hearts of spectators with her perfect performance in gymnastics?
  16. In what sport do the competitors use the outhandle to grasp the apparatus?
  17. How many colored balls are used by each team or competitor in a game of croquet?
  18. What three movements are requirred for an athlete to successfully complete a triple jump??
  19. How many points do you score if you hit the black ring in archery?
  20. What four-letter title is given to the captain and last player in a game of lawn bowls?
  21. In which sport would herringboning be used?
  22. How many shooting stations are generally used in clay-pigeon shooting ?
  23. How many sails does a Bermudian Cutter raise?
  24. Where were the 1932 Winter Olympics held?
  25. Who was the first female tennis player to win the Grand Slam?
  26. Who replaced Alan Jones as Formula 1 Car Racing Champion in 1981?
  27. Which sport used to feature a bully
  28. What is the lowest weight division in competition Weight Lifting?
  29. What popular major change in surfboards took place in 1950??
  30. How many players in a Lacrosse team?
  31. What is the heaviest weight division in weight-lifting?
  32. At what racetrack is the British Formula One car race contested ?
  33. What name is given to the implement used in the game of lacross to throw, pass and catch the ball?
  34. What three-letter term is used to describe one of the grades into which experienced judo contestants are divided?
  35. How many periods of play are there in a game of ice hockey?
  36. In golf, what does the abbreviation PGA represent?
  37. What is traditionally sounded to signify the final lap in a cycle event
  38. How many Grand Slams were won by tennis great, Rod Laver?
  39. In lawn bowls, over how many ends are most pairs events contested?
  40. What body part is used to describe a stage in a relay race in athletics?
  41. How many British Opens did golfer, Peter Thompson, win?
  42. What city does the American basketball team, The Timberwolves, call home ?
  43. What name is given to the movable screen at either end of a cricket ground designed to assist the batsmen to see the ball as it is bowled at them?
  44. In which sporting arena would you meet the competitor known as The Undertaker?
  45. The forte is an apparatus used in which sport?
  46. How many strokes would you take to score a birdie on a par three golf hole?
  47. In what sport would a "faceoff" commence play?
  48. How many players on field for an Australian Rules Football team?
  49. On which river is the annual boatrace between Oxford and Cambridge Universities rowed?
  50. How many sails does a gunter class sailing boat raise?
  51. How many players take the court for a basketball match?
  52. What name is given to the upright poles supporting the cross bar in high jump ?
  53. What name is given to the person at the end of the rope in a tug-of-war?
  54. From what is the floor of a boxing-ring made?
  55. In cricket, what is another name for a bumper?
  56. When measuring the height of a horse about long is a hand?
  57. In golf, how many strokes are you penalized for a lost ball?
  58. In what sport is the Hopman Cup contested?
  59. At which racecourse is the Frand National run?
  60. If you were to perform a passato sotto, in which sport would you be participating?
  61. To the world of sport, what does the acronym WADA represent?
  62. Name the trainer of Light Fingers when it won the Melbourne Cup.
  63. ..and who was the successful jockey?
  64. Which Australian city holds Harness Racing meetings at Harold Park?
  65. What nickname was given to golfer, Jack Nicklaus?
  66. In which sport did Ray Reardon make a name for himself?
  67. Which time barrier was broken by Dawn Fraser for the 100- metres Women's Freestyle event?
  68. Who won the first open Wimbledon championship?
  69. How many players make up a Water Polo Team?
  70. Where is the Hopman Cup played?
  71. When appealing, what question must a cricketer ask before a batsman can be given OUT.
  72. What name is given to the tubular container used in archery to store arrows?
  73. What is traditionally sounded to signal the start of the final lap in an athletic event?
  74. What rules, traditionally, govern the sport of boxing.?
  75. ...And after whom are those rules names?
  76. In horse racing, what is the GSB?
  77. Beginning with the letter L, what term is used to describe the angle at which a golf-club's face is laid back?
  78. What class of motor racing is indicated by the abbreviation TI?
  79. In rowing, what is the front end of the boat called?

  80. Winemaker James Hardy established a name for himself in which sporting arena?
  81. Who captained England for the Centenary Cricket Test Sereis in 1977?
  82. Who did Johnny Famechon defeat to win the World Featherweight title in 1969?
  83. Which is the most famous bicycle race in the world?
  84. In which country was table tennis first played?
  85. How many innings are played in a normal game of softball?
  86. Which country did Viv Richards represent in international cricket?
  87. Where were the 1936 Olympics held?
  88. Which Australian swimmer has h eld every world freestyle record at the same time ?
  89. In which Olympic sport did Jean-Claude Killy excel?


  1. Six
  2. Cinchita Martinez
  3. The best player for South Australia in State Of Origin matches
  4. Once
  5. Bowling Greens
  6. Carbine (66.5Kg)
  7. Argentina
  8. Five
  9. Aerobics
  10. Eight
  11. Tiger Woods
  12. Sri Lanka, declared 6-52
  13. Basketball
  14. 1985
  15. Montreal Olympics
  16. Curling)
  17. Four
  18. Hop, Step and Jump
  19. Three
  20. Skip
  21. Snow skiing
  22. Eight
  23. Three
  24. Lake Placid, United States
  25. Maureen Connolly
  26. Nelson Piquet
  27. Field Hockey
  28. Bantam Weight
  29. Boards were shortened to under three metres, and manufactured from more user-friendly materials such as balsa,synthetic resin, fibreglass and foam.
  30. 12
  31. Heavyweight
  32. Silverstone
  33. The crosse
  34. Dan
  35. Three
  36. The Professional Golfers' Association
  37. A bell
  38. Two
  39. Twenty-one
  40. A leg
  41. Five
  42. Minnesota
  43. The sightscreen
  44. Wrestling
  45. Fencing
  46. Two
  47. Ice Hockey
  48. 18
  49. The Thames
  50. Two
  51. Five
  52. Standard
  53. Anchor
  54. Curves
  55. Bouncer
  56. Ten centimetres,(four inches).
  57. One
  58. Tennis
  59. Aintree
  60. Fencing
  61. World Anti-Doping Agency
  62. Bart Cummings
  63. Roy Higgins
  64. Sydney
  65. The Golden Bear
  66. Snooker
  67. 60 seconds
  68. Rod Laver
  69. Seven
  70. Burswood Superdome, Perth
  71. "How's That?"
  72. A quiver
  73. A bell
  74. Queensberry Rules
  75. John Shoto-Douglas, 8th Marquis of Queensberry
  76. General Stud Book
  77. Loft
  78. Tourismo Internationale
  79. The bow.
  80. Yachting
  81. Tony Greig
  82. Jose Legra
  83. Tour De France
  84. England
  85. Seven
  86. The West Indies
  87. Berlin
  88. Shane Gould
  89. Skiing

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